2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept

This time we will introduced you 2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi. While the technology inside the green automobiles continues to improve, the automobile giant Ford just announced a concept which looks to push this improvement much further. The automaker from US has outed the concept of C-Max Solar Energi in a vehicle which has in all of those perks of a plug-in hybrid but does not need a tether to recharge at the same time.

2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi rear

2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Review

As the name itself suggests, Ford C-Max Solar Energi uses the generations old concept to give the needed boost to the future. This is indeed first of its kind sun powered vehicle with the needed potential to deliver the best without the need of electric grid for the fuel. The Ford C-Max Solar Energi is a plug in electric car which includes solar cells. It uses the SunPower’s X21 solar cells on 1.5 square metres to generate a power capacity of 300-350 watts. This solar powered vehicle is set to mark its debut at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show which would be held at Las Vegas and then would be considered for production.
It is said that the vehicle takes in a days of sunlight in order to deliver the same performance which is delivered by the conventional C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.

2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi solar

With the solar energy concept, this roof mounted solar panels can certainly be termed as high tech. The panel houses “special solar concentrator lens” which is the Fresnel lens, which acts similar to a magnifying glass, directing the rays on the rooftop. Fresnel is a lens which is compact and is mostly used in lighthouses. The system which is used in the Ford C-Max Solar Energi tracks the movement of the sun when it moves from East to West and draws enough power from the sun through the concentrator lens which is same as a four hour battery charge.

2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi front grill


Underneath the solar panels is the standard C-Max Energi which has the 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is used to power the 118-hp AC electric motor. This electric motor is augmented to a 2.0 litre four cylinder gas engine. The C Max energi can travel up to 21 miles on a fully charged battery, on electricity alone.

The estimated EPA of Ford C-Max Solar Energi is 108 city/92 highway/100 combined MPGe. By the use of renewable power, the C-Max Solar Energi also reduces the yearly greenhouse gas emissions by about four metric tons.

2014 Ford C-Max Solar Energi rear side

The concept vehicle by Ford will be tested by researchers from Ford as well as Georgia Tech, who helped in developing the panel system, to check if the Ford C-Max Solar Energi is indeed viable for further production. So, for now all we got to do is to wait to have a much closer look in the coming few days.

You can watch this video material below.


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