2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Review

The 2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid is a small sized two-seat coupe with a futuristic hatchback design. It is the ideal car for individuals looking for an inexpensive sporty coupe. Honda has also made one with a manual gearbox available, making it the one of the few hybrids today that comes with a stick shift.Weather you go for the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), or the Manual Transmission, the 2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid remains a truly engaging car that also comes with great fuel efficiency. The car’s exciting wedge shape and a sporty design gives it a unique head turning look and the aerodynamics it requires for racecar like performance.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid side

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Engine

The CR-X is powered by a small 1.5 L four-cylinder engine that revs up to 6300RPM and has an output of 130Hp. This offers more than sufficient power to propel the car given its small lightweight design. Also mounted between its Engine and transmission is a 20Hp Motor that draws power from a 144V Lithium-Ion Battery with a power ratting of 15Kw.

The CR-Z has a rare boost function unseen in any other hybrid. The boost is activated by pressing a button marked S+ on the steering wheel. The Boost function lets you draw a little more torque from the electric system for up to 5 seconds. This system however, only works when the battery has sufficient charge.

The car’s fuel efficiency is rated at 36mpg in the City and 39mpg on the highway if you are using the CVT transmission. The Manual transmission on the other hand lowers the fuel economy to 31mpg within the City and 38 Mpg on the highways.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid rear side

Interior and Trimming

The 2014 Cr-Z boasts of an ultramodern exterior and interior design. The instrument panel, for example, takes a futuristic look that includes a digital speedometer and background lights that change color based on the way you drive. The color of the lights tells if you are driving the car efficiently.

From the outside, rear view may appear impaired by the sloping roofline and two-part widow design, however, you get a very good rear view, which is also improved by the standard rearview mirror. This car only has two seats and a maximum of 25 cubic ft of cargo space in this car.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid interior


The CR-Z has a number of safety features such as curtain air backs on the front and sides, traction control and stability controls to keep you moving in a straight line even in extreme situations.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid cargo space


The price for the standard CR-Z starts at $19,995 while the fully equipped version, the CR-Z EX costs a little more starting at $21,840.

Also you can watch video below.

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