2014 Land Rover Electric Defender Specs

This British automaker has in the recent past been testing its luck in manufacturing electric cars and the 2014 Land Rover Electric Defender is a product of this endeavor. Land Rover is the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand, after the jeep, in the world. The Electric Defender is under the research program code named “Eden Project”. Although this car is supposed to be an all-terrain vehicle, it’s very suitable as an off-road vehicle because high speeds drain the battery very fast. Therefore those looking for an electric car to drive to the mall will have to look for better alternatives or wait until this Electric Rover is perfected.

2014 Land Rover Electric Defender rear seats

2014 Land Rover Electric Defender Battery and Specs

The lithium-ion batteries under the hood of this car take 10 hours to fully charge but combined with first charge technology, this duration can be decreased up to 4 hours. The battery is engineered to provide all the power required during the day and be recharged at night with an average cost of about $3. With the single-battery configuration and driving at low speeds, the 2014 Electric Defender is capable of covering 50 miles with a reserve for 12 miles. The addition of a second lithium-ion battery should lengthen the mileage and help in evening the weight distribution of the car for better stability.

One amazing feature of the Electric Defender is the regenerative braking system technology which is linked to the hill descent function of the car. This state of the art technology regenerates 80% of the batteries energy. During tests of the prototype in Cornwall, 30 kilowatts of power we regenerated during all the downhill trips made by the car.

2014 Land Rover Electric Defender front grill

In its current state, the 2014 Electric Defender is not perfect but it forms a very good basis for future models. It creators have done a very good job but Its excessive power consumption at high speeds is something that needs to be urgently rectified. It’s not clear when this all-terrain electric vehicle will be released or its starting price tag, but we can expect this information to be publicly available once this vehicle is ready for production.

2014 Land Rover Electric Defender interior


This car performance like what we would expect from other land Rover models which is amazing considering the fact that it has zero tailpipe emissions. It can produce 94hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. This Electric land Rover proved its might during a test drive in Cornwall, London, where the car towed 60 passengers in a four-carriage 12 tonne road train. This car has full all-terrain capability with permanent 4×4 configuration.

2014 Land Rover Electric Defender engine

You can watch video about this hybrid.

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