2014 Mercedes Benz GLK Specs and Price

Extraordinary quality, greater interior provisions, with duple stitching on certain trims, joint with superb apt and finish endorse 2014 Mercedes Benz for sufficient technique. Due to the European enacted carbon emanation rules Mercedes Benz and other European automakers have begun to equip their non-hybrid automobiles with a start-stop structures that are moderately simple with low cost expertise that abstemiously progresses tailpipe discharges and fuel budget. The 2014 GLK version repetitions the fluctuations for a model year 2013 and remains with all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive submissions.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK exterior
2014 Mercedes Benz GLK exterior.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK – Design and Engine

The 350GLK is an elevated boxy Mercedes C-Class sport car. This is because of the identical naturally enunciated 3.5 liter V6 engine that controls the sport automobile. It is a re-engineered form of the preceding six with direct booster expertise that enhances power and fuel competence. The V6 has sufficient power to make the GLK exciting to drive and increasing speed won’t disrupt any records but it’s even seven-speed automatic quick shifts that prepare the most of the obtainable power.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK engine
2014 Mercedes Benz GLK engine.

Nevertheless still 3.5 liters, horsepower is now 302, a gain of 34 and torque is 273 pounds feet an upsurge of 15. Productivity from the six conducted through a seven speed automatic diffusion to either the rearmost wheels or all four wheels with the $2000 4matic all-wheel-drive package. Although the engine supremacy is up the management increased 3mpg city and 4mpg highway for both rear and all-wheel drives prototypes. Fuel budget for our 4matic fortified test drive is an assessed 19city /25 highways and 21 joint.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK front grill
2014 Mercedes Benz GLK front grill.

The 2014 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 hybrid has an extra electric conduction oil drive that supplies the controls of the automated transmission with oil force prior to preliminary. This formulates the conduction for a swift and smooth take off once the engine jerks. The starter engine has been chuntered to deal with as many times preliminary procedures composed with a supplementary 12-volt captivated glass understated battery that funds the aboard electrical scheme when the engine closes down. This is a great quality and quantity package being delivered to you with absolute guarantee.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK interior.
2014 Mercedes Benz GLK interior.

The Pricing of the Mercedes Benz GLK

Pricing for the 2014 models has amplified slightly due to soxme production costs. The all-wheel drive variety starts at $40405 and the gasoline powered GLK is accessible with a rear wheel drive prototypical with a vile value of $38405. The diesel cars is $500 a reduced amount than the gas motorized model. This brand of Mercedes Benz is set to be released any time 2014 before the year ends and will be branded the 2014 Mercedes Benz 350 hybrid.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK cargo space
2014 Mercedes Benz GLK cargo space.

We have some video this below for you.

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