2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Battery and Price

Mercedes is planning to expand its S-Class line up of cars with the addition of a new 2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid. This is the third hybrid model in the global line up, next to the S500 Plug-in Hybrid and the S300 BlueTEC Hybrid. With the promise of offering better performance and higher fuel economy ratings, this car will surely cement Mercedes’ position as a market leader in hybrid luxury cars.

2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid rear side

2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Engine

The 2015 Mercedes S400 Hybrid will come packaged with a 3.5 liter petroleum V6 engine under the hood capable of producing 306 screaming horses and 340 lb-ft or torque. Three meters away at the back axel sits a 6.1 KWh Lithium ion battery. This small electric battery makes only a minute 27 hp which is a fifth of what close competitors like the Nissan LEAF produce. Like all complete hybrids, the S400 Hybrid is fitted with regenerative brakes which harvests the energy produced during braking, routes it back to the electric motor which then recharges the battery by acting as a generator.

2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid engine


Running on battery alone, the car is qualified to cover only 2 miles before the battery becomes depleted. This is a shame given the fact that the car costs a fortune to acquire. Fuel efficiency in the 2015 S400 hybrid is achieved by the battery providing nutritional supplementary energy to the engine throughout acceleration. The exact fuel efficiency rating is not available but it is rumored to be about 30 mpg.


The interior of the car is dominated by a set of TFT displays mounted side by side. These high resolutions screens provide more information than you would require. The right hand read out shows how much electricity is being made use of and the percentage of power remaining in the battery. On the other hand, the left hand read out shows whether power is being used or regenerated and its source. All this information is good but bogs down the driver as he trawls through during driving. All in all, the interior is luxurious and very comfortable which is what we would expect from a Mercedes.

2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid interior

Price of 2014 Mercedes S400 Hybrid

This 2015 S400 Hybrid will hit the US market at the end of 2014 and will be available at a very high price starting from $93, 255. Although the car is fitted with regenerative brakes, this price tag is way above average. This 400 S-class hybrid car is good for those looking for extra luxury and are comfortable with the price; others have the option of choosing among cheaper alternatives.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse, S 400 HYBRID (W 222) 2013

If you want you can watch this video below.


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