2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid Price and Specs

Currently, the 2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid is the trending car in the market. Its wide range superiority and power is the idea behind the much attraction it gets. Owning a car is everyone’s in born dream and vision. Currently, the idea is not just owning a car but owning an executive comfortable car that is classy enough to demand attention wherever it passes. The price, engine capacity, fuel consumption, speed are some of the basic determinant factors that attracts a car fanatic into purchasing it. Competition to own the latest and more powerful model of a car is the driving merit to the car dealers.

2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid front grill

2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid Performance and Battery

The performance of the new 2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid is far much heightened a higher level than the previous hybrid in that the new electric motor installed in it is more active. It also comes with a battery that has proved exemplary performances in providing the required amount of energy producing 95horsepower which is almost double to what the previous one provided.

2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid charging


In charging the wonderful superior car, the manufacturers provides plug adapters that are easy to change commonly referred to as the universal chargers since they can be used in various areas with a charging course along highways all over. Additionally, the pack of the superior battery can be wholly replenished in a period of about 2.5 hours whenever it is in a connection of a 240-or more volt source anywhere. However, like most of the EVs, the well-built Porsche charger can also be able to consume charge at a much slower rate through 120-volt sources.

Safety and Engine

Basically with any other plug-in hybrids not necessarily pure electric vehicles—the ability to frequently top up the car battery means that more miles can be substantially covered without using gasoline. However, because there is a gas engine on board, any concerns about range anxiety are heightened. To ensure there is total safety the vehicle is installed with around eight air bags, all including rear sided -impact bags and knee bags for those who occupies front seats.

2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid engine system

Price and Engine

Firstly, the wonderful car cost ranges from $99,975 in the current market with an estimated top speed of 167-mph. The car also comes with a 333-horse, Audi- based and a 3.0 litre, V6 excellently-charged gasoline engine that is basically paired with around 70-75-kilowatt electric engine motor. The motor is in a capability to provide the 167 miles per hour speed.

2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid interior

Fuel Consumption

The consumption of fuel by the 2014 Porsche Plug-In S E-Hybrid is far much reduced than the previous model and hence less spending on the fuels. The car is superior and powerfully made and hence classy enough to attract potential customers all over the world.

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