2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid

It is a fact that fuel economy counts a lot while purchasing a new car and that is why Audi are delivering new models constantly. The 2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid allows users to either work on traditional hybrid, all-electric or all-gasoline modes. The electric engine can assist the gasoline engine if at all it needs a boost in things like overtaking maneuvers. The car is also a luxurious car in addition to its efficiency and high quality. Combination of the fore mentioned features makes Audi a6 a good choice of car.

2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid

2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid Exterior and Interior

The exterior consists of Xenon plus headlights with LED taillights and daytime running lights. A three-zone automatic control is also among the other features of Audi a6. The interior has leather seating surfaces, driver seat memory, heated twelve-way power front seats among other noble features. It also has Audi driver select and the front seats are ventilated. Another additional feature is head-up display which has assistance systems information and navigation. In addition its wheels are 18-inch.cost

2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid interior

2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid rear seats


EngineThe a6 uses e-tron which is a plug-in hybrid comprising a hybrid system as the center of everything. e-ton has 95-horsepower electric engine and lithium-ion battery pack in addition to 211-horsepower 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder engine takes over in case the electric engine needs more spark or gets caught out. A 50-mile range on pure electric power is possible as the traditional engine has time to recharge. Its new plug-in technology allows quicker recharging and increases efficiency. Design.The interior is up to date with a couple of electric car gadgets. A power meter has replaced the tachometer. The power meter shows how much power is available in drive system, in a range of 0 to 100 percent. The MMI system in addition has a screen for indicating where the power flow is exactly coming from, and going to.

2015 Audi a6 e-tron Hybrid battery

Price and Release Date

The 2015 Audi a6 e-tron plugin hybrid will cost at least $44,800. It is targeted to be sold only in China and will mainly be meant for luxury.

The Audi a6’s exact date of release is not known , but it has began being produced in Changchun, northern China.Fuel consumption.a6 has a very efficient fuel consumption considering the fact that it has three engine options. It uses hydrogen which is a great alternative to use of fossil fuels. Mixture of hydrogen and oxygen creates energy which in turn charges the battery. This makes it a good choice of automobile because of its efficient fuel consumption.

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