2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid

Day by day we are witnessing technological progress and racing in the creation of better vehicles. Such is the case with Hybrid vehicles. This time it is a 2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid, which apparently is a real surprise for all fans of Audi and hybrid vehicles simultaneously. Audi is in Los Angeles unveiled a new performance concept car at CES. What is new in this presentation is just a new hybrid drive.

2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid side

2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid

This time we move from the drive of the vehicle. What is it that is interesting to note in this vehicle. According to available information, we can say that this vehicle driven by a combination 4.0-liter TFSI V8 bi-turbo engine and an electric motor that is combined with an eight-speed transmission. Here are more and lithium batteries tion. The power that is fed into the engine is 677 horsepower with a torque of 950 Nm.

When it comes to speeding up what could be 3.5 seconds to 100 km, which is a fantastic acceleration. Average fuel consumption of vehicles is about 7.9 l/100 km and it provides carbon dioxide emissions of 185 g/km. As you can see is made a big step forward in reducing harmful emissions.

2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid  rear


Since we have seen that from year to year, major technological advances when it comes to improving the vehicles we will mention the autonomic management system that uses a laser, radar and ultrasonic sensors and cameras, and they collected information is processed in the zFAS or the central unit driver assistance. Using these tools, the vehicle is able to gather information from their environment and that on the basis of information collected behaves in accordance with the environment.

2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid  engine

For now we can not talk about specific details regarding the struktruru this vehicle. But it is at least aware of the statement Audi’s head of research and development, Ulrich Hackenberg, who said that this model is very close to series production. Again, Hackenberg did not elaborate, but the sources mention the possibility of autonomous management to a speed of 60 km/h and an independent finding a parking space and car parking.

2015 Audi Prologue Hybrid  interior

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