2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Specs and Price

BMW brings together two things that are typically not found in the same package: fuel economy and speed. The 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is rolled out in the 3-series line that has become synonymous with excellent handling coupled with luxury in the industry. It handles better than a lot of the other hybrid vehicles available and is seen as a more economic 335i M Sport beating it minimally in some aspects while sharing a lot of features. This BMW uses the extra power boost as an emissions-free and fuel-free turbo for thrust instead of maximizing mileage by sacrificing performance to put it on the same level as the other 3-series stable mates with upscale creature comforts.

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Engine and performance

The 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 has a 300 pound-feet of torque, 300 horsepower and a smooth turbocharged 3L inline-6 power which it shares with the 335i that is conventionally powered. The gasoline engineer is boosted by the electric motor that replaces the torque converter and is housed within the 8-speed automatic transmission. The electric motor provides 55 horsepower as well as 155 pound-feet of torque. The system output totals to 332 lb-ft of torque and 335 ponies which is 32 and 35 more than what is produced by the 335i. However with its hardware it surpasses the weight of the 335i by 298 pounds. The 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 has a slight mpg advantage in city driving, 2 mpg to be exact, over the 335i but has the same mpg for highway driving.

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 left side

The electric motor propels is able to propel the car without assistance from the gas engine for up to 2.5 miles at a speed of about 45 mph. This power comes from the A123 battery pack that is mounted in the trunk, on the floor where it doesn’t interfere with cargo space. The battery is a 1.3 kilowatt-hour battery pack. The BMW is ultra rapid and easily goes from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 5.3 seconds. Additionally, you can coast on two of the driving modes: Eco Pro and Comfort operating between 37 mph and 50 mph in the Comfort mode and in Eco Pro it can operate up to a speed of 100 mph. In these two modes, the 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid will shut down on temporary stops. The handling, robust turbo-four engine, trunk room and smooth inline-6 power are things that people love.

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 rear side


However, the starting price of $49,200 makes people balk along with the fact that a lot of the luxury features cost more. The transmission levers, spring-back turn signal and the cognitive dissonance in the steel and aluminum and the optional leather and power seats are also things that people are holding against the ActiveHybrid 3.

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 engine

Also you can watch some video material below.

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