2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid Specs

If we set aside a vehicle which is intended to speed on the track then this is definitely the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid . This vehicle is already at first sight is breathtaking, and the question is whether it can be further than this. The design is almost perfect and the interior upgraded and revised to improve conditions for drivers. All that mark FXX be familiar, they are right. This is the third model of the same recipe. Broke the ice model Enzo, who in 2005 received a performance FXX which was homologated for road use. Model 599 GTB Fiorano in 2006 was another who received performance FXX.

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid rear

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid Exterior

In order to clarify the design will start from the dimensions of this vehicle. With a length of 489.6, the width of up to 205.1 and 111.6 cm height of silhouette 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid looks impressive at first glance. The new BFI elements and 30 mm lower suspension downforce is increased by a whopping 50 percent in normal mode, while the most aggressive configuration increased. Dimensions Pirelli tires are 285 to 650 of the front and back are 345 to 725. Carbon-ceramic brakes measuring 398 to 223 with 36 front and 380 rear with 253sa 34 are equipped with ABS, but its effect can be controlled by a switch on the steering wheel.

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid open door

The 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid’s already radically changed, were done kind of redesign where for instance the standard splitter on the front part of a larger piece of replaced. While the whole spoiler replaced with a twin-profile piece. Dive planes on the side as well as the fins on the vertical side can channel the air. When the light comes standard headlights are also altered or replaced with tiny strips of LED. It seems the biggest changes made around the vehicle, so we have a front grille which remained untouched when it comes to design. Two-piece unit is replaced by a massive diffuser, which is seen to LaFerrari. LaFerrari owns exhaust system with four sides or quad-exhaust layout.

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid


When it comes to the inner part of 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid, here is ferrari decided on one particular step and it’s left all luxury aside and left what is functional. What is useless to track replaced with race-spec, lightweight components. Is placed between the seats and center console there are accommodated all important buttons launching system, A/C and heater to the KERS.

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid open door

Engine and Performance of 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid

We went to the driving 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid forces it is necessary to say that strengthened from 630 to around 700 horsepower. Although it is with serial 950 horsepower insanely fast, Italians have made a step forward. The engine is a V12 volume of 6262 cc was thoroughly modified and now it is able to produce about 860 horsepower with a torque of 9200/min instead of the standard 800 at 9000/min. While the maximum torque ‘enhanced’ with 700 Nm at 6750 revolution/min and 750 Nm at 6500/min. Specific power of 137 horsepower per liter of displacement is equalized with the model 458 Speciale. Sprint to hundreds shortened to less than three in less than 2.5 seconds, while top speed of over 350 km/h. The electric engine is able to make 190 horsepower so the overall strength of some 1050 hp engine, with more than 900 Nm of torque.

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid


If things like this are what we can expect from the price of this vehicle? For such a model such as the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid is expected to be $ 3.1 million. The track is ready for customers as well as for the car, may be required for some street trail.

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