2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid Performance

The World’s renowned Automobile brand, Honda has very recently taken the covers off their new production utility and it is the 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid. This is one product from Honda which is a blend of a number of vehicular attributes moulded into one right sized package. As per Honda, this is the contraction of a vehicle and a bezel and claims to reflect a multifaceted and has a gemlike appearance. The Japanese version of this is named as Vezel where as the US will get a different name. The 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid comes with a front or an all wheel drive and comes in both a gasoline as well as in the gas electric hybrid versions.

2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid rear side

2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid The Exterior

The exterior of this vehicle is about 169 inches long and 69.7 in width and the Japanese version are 9.2 inches shorter from the bumper to the other end. It is also 1.9 inches narrow and 1.9 inches lower when compared to the Honda CR-V Crossover. The turning radius of this vehicle is 17.4 feet.

The 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid is a four door car and looks more like the Honda cars. The Vezel is said to have a low slung look and a high mounted rear door which reminds us of the Nissans. LED lights in the front and the rear are optional for the Japanese version of Vezel.

2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid front grill

The Interior

The 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid is a spacious and a five seated vehicle which has a backroom like a minivan. It does look more like a four seater. The first look of the vehicle shows a dashboard which is of a low profile with a brightly lighted instrument panel with a touch screen which is centre mounted. The Vezel also has capacitive touch-panel with an infernal toggle style gear selector. The standard version of Vezel has the automatic ventilation control.

The space provided for the cargo is 14.3 cubic feet which also includes the storage bin which is placed under the cargo floor. The Vezel also has a 60/40 split backseat.

2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid interior

The Engine

The Honda developers have not yet revealed the engine details for their US version of the Vezel but is said that the vehicle will certainly debut with a gas engine. The Japanese version comes with a direct-injection 1.5-liter four-cylinder with an automatic transmission which is variable. For more and efficient acceleration, the 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid also includes Reactive Force pedal which can push back and it is placed at the driver’s foot.

2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid cargo space

The Safety Features

Like most of the Honda’s vehicles, the 2015 Honda Vezel Hybrid promises of the optimal performance and promises to provide pedestrian protection in the event of a collision. The vehicle is put through a number of crash tests and some of the safety features include the city brake collision warning with a mitigation system with an automatic breaking system.

You can look video below.

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