2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid Concept

2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid would become the first all-electric medium sedan from among the luxury brand of Nissan battery operated electric LE cars. While the LE Hybrid is yet to declare its final specs and price the concept is of interest as it is targeted to occupy a vacant slot in the emerging hybrid vehicle market.

2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid left side

2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid Concept

Johan de Nysschen the recently-hired Infiniti CEO is probably the strongest supporter for making hybrid battery-electric vehicles in a production line. He has put on hold the LE launch. Conspiracy theorists could see the suspension of the LE as another episode in an evil plot by de Nysschen to kill or delay the launch of plug-in electric cars.

Johan would like to focus on additional practical designs that will sell in much greater volumes. The Infiniti LE Hybrid he said would provide perceived dynamic modern technology, but would not have contributed much to the total sales volume. As CEO, de Nysschen is under tremendous pressure to push global sales of the luxury brand from 170, 000 to 500, 000 or more.

He found it a very easy choice, to set his priorities in many other developmental models including a halo auto which will certainly create a brand-new market segment and create a niche in the brand’s luxury-sector positioning.

2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid side

De Nysschen further confirmed that there will be an “Infiniti EV,” but claimed the problem was one of timing considering his various other priorities. He declared that an entirely new generation technology in respect of the lithium-ion cell might pose a serious threat to the already existing electric battery pack which had chances of becoming outdated by the time the LE Hybrid was released. But using the 24-kWH Li-ion battery of the Leaf in a LE high-end sedan variation in 2015 would in all probability not have given any significant value addition over the 2013 version.

2015 Infiniti LE Luxury Leaf Hybrid interior


Electric-car observers also think that the LE might not have been successful on the market. With the successful sales figures of the Tesla Model S deluxe sports sedan positioned at $69,900, only proves that a higher electric array would have a greater value perception. If the LE were to be priced at $45,000 it would compete strongly with Model S being a globally known brand.

Infiniti LE Concept

Recently, Tesla had to cancel the low-range 40 kWh variation of its Model S due to lack of demand from the purchasers and after this experience Infiniti could not have hoped for any chance of competing with the base of the Model S.

Also you can watch some video material below.

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