2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid Price and Specs

Castle Lexus is among the best car companies to develop or build a top speed vehicle which has the adventure features and now they have put a step forward and developed the 2015 Lexus LF-LC Hybrid which will hit the marketplace in 2015. The vehicle holds concepts of premium sport-coupe with four seating capacity. It’s the newest advanced type of Lexus hybrid that will offer the best of driving performance & also great fuel efficiency. It will be more affordable than that similarly style LFA but will still have the 911 Turbo rivalling performance, with a 368 kW V8 petrol electric hybrid system which emits Camry Hybrid like 150g per km of CO2.

2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid side

2015 Lexus LF LC Hybrid Interior

Inside the 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid, there’s a 12.3″ LCD screen that assists to offer information like low levels fuel indicator, the current speed and much more. It also offers touch screen device which has a remote control that will be much comfortable to use without altering your line of sight. The doors also have touch screen feature which will allow the passenger and driver to easily operate windows, the personal sitting area, the seat adjustment and lots more. The seats contain smooth leather which gives you additional comfort when sitting without having any stress or causing any pain to your body. Meaning, it’ll be more comfortable and will make your journeys safe and secure.

2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid interior

Exterior Design of 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid

The outer designs of this car gives it an attractive look with a fine edge like style. This 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid will come with different colors and advanced features. The car has basically replaced concept of tripe torch-lamp by standard lamps. Aside from this, it also has multiple features which have been added like turning signal indicator, side view mirrors and friend wheel. It also has some great changes on front side which basically pull the headlights forward. The wheels give a different look & a unique well equipped impressive technology.

2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid grill

Engine and Performance of 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid

This sports vehicle 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid has 4.8 litre V10 engine and it transfers the speed up to 550 horsepower and a torque of 350- lb ft. The car can accelerate to 202-mph in just 3.6 seconds & has a four cylinder engine which is boosted with a turbo charging & also a combination of electric motors. Transmission is equipped with a double clutch and it has 7 speeds. The car is also boosted with a powerful engine which is suitable for various types of the sport events. As you can see, it is a good one driving force that represents something new that will delight potential buyers.

2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid  engine

Release Date of Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid

Lexus said that the vehicle will be released next year, but they never said the exact day of release. Therefore, you may deposit your money in a bank to buy the car by that day of release.

2015 Lexus Price

Price of this car will basically be between $100 000 and $130,000 in showrooms however, there may be slight changes in these prices as per the options and facilities you wish to install in the car. This price range makes it a rival for the high end Porsche 911 model and the new NSX car from Acura. According to the latest news and car reviews, 2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid will have excellent features and performance and will be among the best car releases yet.

2015 Lexus LF-Lc Hybrid rear

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