2015 Mercedes F015 Concept

In Detroit presents a new study presented by Mercedes and with its new model hybrid 2015 Mercedes F015. This is a special presentation of the concept and how mercedes imagines the future. And you can tell us how you envision. For now we will try to bring you closer to this concept, although more out of this vehicle has nothing. At first glance, you can see that it is a futuristic version. One very unusual appearance will lead you to think that the future arrived or we have to wait on it for some time.

2015 Mercedes F015 front grill

2015 Mercedes F015 Specs and Design

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion after the occurrence in Las Vegas has also starred in Detroit one of the world’s biggest events when it comes to vehicles. Mercedes’ vision of this unusual luxury and transport vehicles is also an unusual study. It should be noted that the essence is based on automatic control of the vehicle and that vehicle should drive you where you intended. Naravnno retained a certain autonomy where drivers have the ability to take matters into their own hands if something goes wrong.

The dimensions of this vehicle in relative length 5,220 mm, width 2,018 mm and 1,524 mm high. Access to the cabin is made easier with these parties because they have removed the central roof racks as well as doors that open in opposite directions. In this way, the impression greater comfort but i really more space inside. The interior is interesting because the front seats can be rotated so that they can be completely turned towards the passengers who sit back and rest in one of the road may enjoy spending time in this unusual vehicle.

2015 Mercedes F015 grill

The main screen extends the full length of the front and there is a total of six touch screens. Apart from the main front which are also in the door at a time. Since these are serious matters and a vehicle that needs to be another name for the future, Mercedes has made this combination of hydrogen fuel cells, electric motors and batteries that provide extra energy vehicle. At the rear of LED technology that ensures the use of information boards, or this is a sign for warning a driver who is behind.

2015 Mercedes F015 interior

2015 Mercedes F015 seats


The driving force is housed in two electric engines which are located in the rear of the vehicle and that work with the rest of the init system. They are able to produce at 136 horsepower. We have a total of 272 hp and 399 Nm of torque. When it comes to speeding up what happens to nkih 6.7 seconds to 100 km per hour and the electronically limited speed comes to some 200 km. This vehicle can travel about 900 miles from a tank of 5.5 kg of hydrogen. Electric batteries are helping him to move another 200 km and thus truly achieve a considerable advantage compared to other vehicles.

2015 Mercedes F015 roof

Obviously, this is a real rush of vehicles on hydrogen since it started Toyota Mirai. So this model 2015 Mercedes F015 got its place under the sky but still waiting for the full realization of both of us know that you do not still when will that happend.

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