2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid New Design

We will show you new model 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid. The Toyota Auris has been considered one of the most underperforming vehicles amongst Toyota’s long list of domestic cars. However, this view might soon change now that the 2015 Auras is here. It has been redesigned into an all-new Hybrid.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid front grill

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid Exterior

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid is no doubt a great improvement of its 2014 predecessor. Toyota has been able to enhance its appearance, increasing its length by 30mm, lowering its ride height by up to 55mm, and making several adjustments to both its interior and exterior. Even after all these modifications, they still managed to keep it a very practical weighing 99 Pounds lighter than the old version through the use of lighter materials. Some of the improvements you can look forward to in the new Auris includes better overall weight distribution, suspension, control and posture. All this culminates to a more comfortable ride and better handling.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid rear


Toyota has no doubt made major improvements to the vehicles interior too. It now comes with higher quality interior evidence that Toyota have definitely paid attention to detail.

The 2015 Auris has room for a maximum of five passengers. It is considered a very practical car given its large boot space that further increases when you fold down the rear seats.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid interior

Engine of 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid

There are a number of engine options available. You can get the smallest 1.3L four Cylinder petrol engine that offers 90horsepower, a 1.4L engine that produces 99Hp, or the standard version, which is a 1.8 L engine that produces 136 horsepower. This particular engine is able to propel the 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid from 0- 62mph in just 10.9 seconds achieving a top speed of 112 mph. The New Auris can travel a maximum 1.25 Miles when running on pure electric mode.

The engine is able to achieve very low CO2 emissions thanks to a Variable Valve Timing Technology which ensures opening and closing of all the 16Valves happens accurately during every combustion cycle for greater power output and better fuel efficiency and very low CO2 emissions.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid engine

They might soon be another diesel engine version available; one that packs a more powerful 1.6L Diesel engine, the diesel engine designed by BMW will be capable of churning out 110 horsepower.

The Electric Powertrain obtains its power from Lithium-ion batteries that can power the car over a distance of 1.25Miles on pure electric mode at a top speed of 63mph. The Auris becomes very silent producing almost no sound when you drive it on electric mode.


The new 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid comes is available at a starting of $17,000 and can go as a high as $23,000.

You can watch video material below.

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