2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid Review

Today we present you a special Hybrid. 2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid that its appearance is breathtaking at first glance. And why not, when it comes to a vehicle that has allowed all those who love sports cars. What actually works we will see in the text. You will see that these are interesting features of this vehicle that raises the adrenaline in the blood.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid
2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid


2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid Specs

Toyota’s high-ranking official in the development of powertrains, Koei Saga, on the sidelines of the Frankfurt auto dealership said it was working on a hybrid performance model GT 86 in the closing stages and if the leadership gives the green light for production manufacturing can begin very quickly.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid rear
2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid rear.


Saga did not want to go into details, but hinted to this hybrid technology could be used in both the road and in racing models. In other words, the oyota are likely to have developed two versions of this hybrid system that can be adapted to the needs of regular road driving with one hand, and the race track to the other. Finally, Saga concluded that he believes that the positive response of leadership and giving the green light for production will not have to wait long.

This would help Toyota as a brand in general and TMG badge could iskorisiti on some of the existing standard models not only represent specific models for selected small group of enthusiasts, and thus lead Japanese brand to a position where Akio Toyota wanted it to be.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid front side
2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid front side.


And soon we will probably attend the first fruits of the intentions of the Toyota, because the available reports that the Japanese company is in advanced stages of development of a hybrid version of the GT86 coupe, which is necessary to obtain the green light for development. Since we know that the Toyota and Subaru (related BRZ) categorically denying any nadpunjenu coupe version, the only logical option was electrified.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid interior
2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid interior.


The model will be a combination of road and racing experience that will give birth to a specific operating system for the car. One option is the use of electric 2015 Toyota GT 86 Hybrid studies, while the six-speed manual transmission has been reserved. By using lightweight materials to neutralize the extra weight caused by the addition of the battery, which could be used for further lowering the center of gravity.

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