2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review and Specs

When the Japanese manufacturer once introduced a hybrid version of the 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid, many have asked why this expensive technology installed in an accessible car, which while in the standard version has a low spending and emission levels.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid rear side
2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid rear side


2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Exterior

Outwardly, the hybrid version of the popular Japanese urban model does not differ too much from the standard – in addition to a blue Toyota sign, visible changes on the front bumper, which is aerodynamics slightly modified in order to be realized additional fuel savings. Due to these differences in comparison to conventional Yaris will soon be easier to estimate how many of the streets is the hybrid version, that is, how much are popular. It is this popularity of hybrid technology as it is an additional obligation for manufacturers, who are now trying to have their models are better, more economical, but also a new kind of operation does not affect the disruption of everyday practicality and spaciousness.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid front grill
2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid front grill.


2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Interior

In addition to the bodywork, the hybrid version is compared to the standard differs in a few details in the interior. Certainly the most striking blue stitches on the leather steering wheel rim, there is a blue shift automatic transmission, and when driving at night is very attractive bluish instrument panel. Once again we note, one of the big pluses when the interior of the Yaris Hybrid is concerned, is that it is identical to the spaciousness of petrol or diesel model. This means that the rear bench quite adequate to accommodate two adults in short-and medium-sized tours, with little compromise in terms of comfort, cruiser, without a lot of baggage, a longer time may pay a visit to four passengers.

2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior
2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior.


In terms of the driver’s “workplace” hybrid Yaris is not significantly different from the better-equipped gasoline model. In the first place, I have to commend a near perfect front seats. As they are taken from the class above, a form of comfort and overcome numerous models from two classes above. In all versions of the “eco” drive, standard equipment is a large color touch screen, which in addition to facilitating the use of your audio system and satellite navigation, and communicates information about the current status of the hybrid module.

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid inside
2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid seats.


Yaris Hybrid Engine and Performance

So while driving can get information about the current battery charge and energy flow, or whether it is consumed, or stored in batteries. This is particularly interesting in city driving, where frequent changes of rolling rhythm, and the driver may be toying with folding personal record in reducing spending.During careful driving is realistic to expect a little more than four liters, which is a fantastic result for a factory data they obviously need absolutely ideal conditions, it is difficult achievable in practice.

On a bad way, this combination is a bit uncomfortable and noisy. Of course, when you move to a better quality of asphalt, it ceases to be a disadvantage, but all it seemed to us in a way that suggests one such technically advanced car is designed specifically for emerging markets. Performance is quite correct. The basic operation provides a gasoline engine of 1.5 liters, which has a 74 horsepower engine, and it complements the power of 60 horsepower.

2015Toyota Yaris Hybrid engine
2015Toyota Yaris Hybrid engine.


The total potential of the hybrid drive can not get by simply adding up, because 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid car is declared as 100 horsepower. Power is enough for urban driving, but the car at speeds above 60 miles per hour still running out of breath, when every desire for acceleration accompanied by the noise of engines, but no confirmation on the display device. To some extent it may bear the responsibility and the CVT transmission, which is primarily designed to provide a low power, not high performance.

Here some video material about Yaris hybrid.

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