2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid

Ford Motors Company will be launching its 2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid as a medium-duty truck. It is basically a truck used for tough work, but at the same time, it tends to provide you with a feeling of being classy as well. These truck available in super cab, regular cab and crew cab styles, will be assembled in Ohio, America. This model should be preferred because of many reasons.

2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid side

2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid Engine

It offers 6.7 litre Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel engine. It is designed in such an innovative manner that the turbocharger and the exhaust close together inside the dock, which makes the turbine spin steadily for power on demand. It offers 270 horsepower with three engine power ratings 675 lb.-ft. torque, 300 horsepower with 700 lb.-ft. torque and 330 horsepower with 725 lb.-ft. torque. In addition to this, B20 biodiesel capability is also there. This model is accompanied with a 6 speed gearbox automatic transmission, equipped with Ford TorqShift.

2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid engine

Release Date and Price

There is no buzz in the market regarding the release date and price of this model yet. However, the release date can be known in the next spring. The model provides a restricted warranty period of 5 years per 2,50,000 miles.

Exterior Design of 2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid

It provides you with a unique exterior design, accompanied by tilt-forward hood. The combination of a swept-back windshield and a low roof height aims to minimize the wind resistance and maximize fuel economy.

2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid front side

Interior Design

It consists of a steady-heat supplemental cab heater along with an outlet of 110-volt power. It provides the buyers an option of using either air or hydraulic brakes. In addition to this, optional PowerScope accompanies a valuable feature of two large and standard mirrors and spotter mirrors and a strong telescoping & folding design.

2016 Ford F 750 Hybrid interior

Driving Comfort

The gauges are designed in such way that they can be controlled easily. It is easy to operate and grip the steering wheel. To create a feel of qualitative and comfortable driving, a unique anti-roll bar has also been installed.


This model is expected to be economical as it provides with lesser acquisition cost and lower cost of fuel as well. CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package is also provided which makes cost-effective and emissions-conscious conversion to CNG/LPG.


The output of the engine is believed to be totally amazing, 10 cylinders will be utilized by 6.8 litre engine.
The above mentioned features not only present this model as a status symbol, but also make it worth buying, as it turns out to be unique in its own way.

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