2016 Honda Odyssey Concept

Honda is a remarkable auto company and as much as they have not given much information concerning the 2016 Honda Odyssey it can be determined that the 2016 concept will be more than just a convenient car. The vehicle is among the redesigned generation and therefore the company has to ensure the car comes with improved features and better performing engine.

2016 Honda Odyssey side

2016 Honda Odyssey Exterior and Interior Redesign

The exterior design of the 2016 odyssey will come with a trendy look. The body frame is said to be presented with stylish and aggressive design. There is also the idea that the 2016 concept car will have a wider body frame design and lighter weight. These two changes if made are supposed to enhance speed performance and support the fuel. For Honda to give the 2016 odyssey model an incredible design, the might look into changing the bumper and redesigning the lights.

2016 Honda Odyssey rear side

Color paints and alloy wheels are expected in the 2016 model. The interior design of the model is expected to match the fashionable exterior look of the vehicle. The main concern will to give the vehicle a premium look. The body frame having a wider design will make it possible for the cabin to be more spacious enabling people to sit comfortably offering more head and leg room.

The concept model will have an improved dashboard as well as an enhanced steering wheel with better features. The safety system will likely have a new innovation not forgetting a larger touch screen display for navigation purposes.

2016 Honda Odyssey interior

Engine of 2016 Honda Odyssey

2016 Honda Odyssey Concept model will definitely come with a much better engine system. The design of the engine system would probably be the same as the earlier models. The performance of the 2016 Honda Odyssey has to have better transmission in order for the vehicle to perform better than its predecessors. The transmission used will provide smooth driving for this vehicle. Being a future car, it is imperative that the fuel consumption of this model is highly considered, probably using a fuel economy system. This would make it possible for drivers to cut cost when driving.

2016 Honda Odyssey engine

Price and Release Date

Sadly, no information concerning the launching date has yet been made public by the company. The company has enough time to design the car and make appropriate changes if possible. However, the car might be available in the market by early 2016. The price of 2016 Honda Odyssey model is yet to be announced.

You can watch some video material below.

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