2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid Review

The German giant automaker, Mercedes Benz, has revealed that the S550 Plug-In Hybrid won’t be the only hybrid vehicle from his house to hit the showrooms this year. 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid will be among 10 new Plug-In Hybrids the company plans to launch by the year 2017.

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid side

What’s new about Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid?

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid combines the power of an electric motor, a 6.2-kWh battery pack and a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine. This combination generates up to 275 horsepower an increase of 34 hp from 241 hp traditional C350.

Engine and Transmission of 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid

The new 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid has 1.9-liter inline 4-cylinder engine producing 208 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque and a 80 horsepower Electric motor generating up to 254 lbs of torque; both adding up to 275 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. This C class too has a 7-speed automatic, with an additional clutch between the the electric motor and the combustion engine for easy switching. The dual engine spec gives this Mercedes the power to hit 60mph in less than 6 seconds, and a top speed of 130 mph.

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid grill

Suspensions, Safety and Braking System

Mercedes-Benz are well known for their emphasis on safety of their products for ages. This C class too is in the league; with a steering assist adaptive cruise control, automatic braking system enhanced with pedestrian detection, active blind spot monitors, collision prevention assist, multiple airbags and cross-traffic assist; this car is on top of it’s game when it comes to safety. On radar detection of a pedestrian or a slower vehicle ahead, the C350 Plug-In Hybrid automatically switches to “E-mode” and the throttle becomes harder. Such features improves on both the drivers safety as well of that of third party.

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid seats

The new 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid also maximizes highly on efficiency by easily switching to the hybrid operating mode’ automatically depending on the navigation route therefore controlling the charge status of the battery according to the route. The extra charge gained can help you when caught up in traffic or when driving along a busy road; at such a time you can manually switch to E-mode’.

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid interior

The Body Features of 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid

The C350 Plug-In Hybrid is a four door sedan slightly above the C300 and C400 but still below the AMG variants. Even after some space have been taken up by the 6.2 KWh battery, the truck is still spacious enough – offering whole lot 12 cubic feet of storage.

Mercedes-Benz company says that one of the coolest features of the new C350 Plug-In Hybrid, is how the accelerator interactively communicates with the driver – in electric mode, it is a bit hard with a point of resistance but, as soon as the driver pushes past this point, the gasoline engine stats.

2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid rerar

How much does this new model cost?

Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid will hit the market in the fall 2015. Even though no official price has been release yet,the Hybrid is expected to sell at around $50,000. Keeping in mind that the C-Class is the company’s best-seller of all time, due to its relatively affordable price; we do not expect the C350 Plug-In Hybrid to be any different from its predecessors.

C350 Plug-In Hybrid take

Since there are not many alternatives for 2016 Mercedes C350 Plug-In Hybrid, many compact luxury hybrid sedan lovers rates this car above 4.5 stars, though, others think that the retail price might be a bit high.

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