2017 BMW i8S Hybrid Release Date and Price

BMW marks its centenary in the year 2016 and many industry analysts expect the automotive giant to produce an appealing car to celebrate. At the moment, that speculation is based on a powerful BMW model to delight car aficionados who have been faithfully waiting for a worthwhile successor to the prominent M1 mid-engine sports car that was last marketed in 1981, that’s the 2017 BMW i8S Hybrid. This car is certainly expected to take the automotive industry by storm. Here are some of the distinguishing features of the i8S Hybrid car.

2017 BMW i8S Hybrid roof

Design of 2017 BMW i8S Hybrid

The interiors and the exteriors of the forthcoming BMW i8S Hybrid are remarkable. It is the ultimate attention grabber. The appearance of the car is extremely stunning and ideal for sports car enthusiasts. This upcoming sports car is extremely luxurious from both the outside and the inside. It is classy and highly comfortable. The company has always lived to expectations and this time, fans do not expect anything less than the best with the new sports car.

BMW i8S comes out as a lightweight concept of the i8, although it has a more potent and more responsive design. The kinematics and suspension are tailored or redesigned to be more aggressive while the dampers and springs are made to be tighter, offering better traction and grip. The aerodynamics of this car seem to be greatly improved with a balancing ground effect, which keeps the car firmly on the ground. It allegedly weighs approximately 1,600 kg. Wider tires and larger wheels are guaranteed. Breaks will also be beefed to manage the additional speed.

2017 BMW i8S Hybrid front side

2017 BMW i8S Hybrid – Engine and Performance

The upcoming 2017 BMW i8S Hybrid is expected to produce 362 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. BMW has been assessing two power trains for the new car. The initial power train is the twin-turbo 2-litre inline-four engine. This has the capacity to generate 320 horepower while the electric motor is expected to generate 204 horsepower. The second power train that has been tested is the 3.0-Litre 1 6 engine that has the capacity to generate 480 horses and has an electric motor with up to 109 horsepower.

The plug-in of the BMW i8S hybrid has 170kW/320NM. The engine specs are extremely attractive. It will offer a great drive.

2017 BMW i8S Hybrid engine

Fuel Consumption

The company is transforming the way it manufactures its sports cars to meet tighter fuel economy demands. What pleases prospective users about this car is great fuel economy. The projected fuel consumption of the new car is 3.8 l/100 km, which means that the i8S won’t be just a showpiece philosophy.


The 2017 BMW i8S Hybrid is expected to go for around $ 200,000. While the price tag seems high, it is definitely worth it. The loyal BMW customers will be happy to pay such a high price to drive the new i8S Hybrid. This car is surely worth owning.

Release date of the BMW 2017 i8S Hybrid

BMW sports car enthusiasts will need to wait up to 2017 for the release of the new 2017 BMW i8S Hybrid, since it will not be available in the market before 2017. With the expected specs of the new car and its fuel economy, the wait is surely worth it.

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